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    Designed for wired and wireless communications alike, the Senal SMH-1010CH is a single-sided communications headset for use in TV or radio broadcast settings, as well as sports applications and behind-the-scenes theater environments.
    First, you'll notice its deep, padded ear cushion, which offers not only comfort, but isolation and noise-reduction in noisy scenarios.
    Behind the ear cushion, a 40mm neodymium driver gives you a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, as well as an expansive dynamic range.
    The microphone supplied with the SMH-1010CH is a cardioid dynamic capsule, designed to minimize pickup of off-axis sound while capturing your voice clearly and intelligibly.
    It sits upon a durable gooseneck that can be rotated 180°.
    This configuration can be used on the left or right side of the SMH-1010CH. Additionally, a switch is built into the gooseneck that automatically mutes the signal when it's swiveled into the vertical position
    thus, to mute your microphone, all you have to do is flip the gooseneck into the upright position.
    The SMH-1010CH interfaces with a variety of cables that offer compatibility with many major wired and wireless systems, such as Telex and PortaCom.
    You can also use this communication headset with broadcast consoles, mixers, and computers.
    Simply plug your separately-available, corresponding cable into the SMH-1010CH's twist-locking jack, and you're good to go.
    Note: Please note, the SMH-1010CH does not ship with an output cable
    for a list of compatible cables, please see our various cables.
    Intelligible Speech Reproduction 40mm Neodymium Driver Passive Noise Reduction Precise Microphone Positioning Detachable Twist-Locking Cable Design Compatibility with Multiple Terminations Comfortable Fit Durable & Foldable Design


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